Ear tag for cattle II

Технические характеристики


The second injection molding process can fine waterproof jingzhunan, easy to use in animal breeding, slaughtering management, for food safety and stud stock management provide effective solutions.


polyurethane, TPU


75* 104* 12 mm, Ear brand thickness: 3 mm



Color(Can customized)

Yellow, blue

Standard protocol

ISO18000-6C(EPC Global Class1 Gen2)

Chip Model

UHF Chip(Can customized other HF / UHF chip )

Operating frequency

860MHz ~ 960MHz
Memory EPC Size: 240bit, TID: 64bit, Access Size: 32bit, kill command: 32bit

Working mode


Read Distance

0-3M (and writing and reading device configuration related)

Effective life

≥ 10 years

Effective frequency of use

≥ 100,000 times

Operating temperature

-20℃ to +50℃

Storage temperature

-40℃ to +90℃ (up to 1000 hours)


> Learn resistance: the accord with IP67 standard, waterproof, prevent bask in, prevent to soak ;
> Mechanical resistance: the beat back calls, accord with IEC 68-2-27;
> Shock resistant, accord with IEC 68-2-6;
> The conflict mechanism: suitable for read the label.


product identification, animal management, food Schomburg sources, etc.